Supply to Trill Farm Garden

Do you grow fruits or vegetables? Do you produce artisan food? We are looking for local and naturally grown produce and artisan foods, and Trill Farm Garden could be a great way for you to reach more customers.

How it works

If you are a grower, each week you let us know what you have available. We place our orders several days before the delivery date. Delivery is made to the hub the morning of packing day, or as arranged.

If you're a producer, you send us a list of your products, with descriptions and pictures. We'll order stock as required, to be delivered to the hub. In the case of fresh items like eggs and bread, we'll order several days in advance and expect delivery to the hub the morning of packing day, or as arranged.

Paying our suppliers promptly is at the heart of our fair trade philosophy.

We regularly take on new suppliers, so just get in touch with us via email or any of the contact details in the footer to let us know what foods you produce and where you are. We look forward to speaking with you.

We base our weekly meals on what we get in our Trill Farm veg bag. Always a great variety of amazing fresh, nutritious veg which challenges us to try new recipes and puts veg at the centre of our diet.

— Bryony Lamb